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Mennefer Estate offers a range of accommodation options catering to diverse preferences, from the quaint charm of the Butler's Barracks to the picturesque serenity of the Caretaker's Cottage and the grandeur of the Historic Parsonage House. The Butler's Barracks provide a cozy retreat with traditional décor and modern amenities, while the Caretaker's Cottage offers rustic charm amidst lush greenery and scenic views. For those seeking a glimpse into history and luxurious living, the Historic Parsonage House stands as a majestic residence with grand architecture and opulent interiors.

Each option promises a unique and memorable stay, allowing guests to choose the ambiance and level of comfort that best suits their desires.

The Old Parsonage House


The Old Parsonage House


Venue · The OId Parsonage House

Guests · 6 Sleeping Accommodations
Guests · 20 Dining Accommodations

The Caretaker Cottage


Historic Caretaker Cottage


Venue · The Caretaker Cottage

Guests · 4

The Butler's Barracks

Historic Butler's Apartment


Venue · The Butler's Barracks

Guests · 2

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